Copy competition: Tell a story about the perfect creative in no more than 10 words.

What makes a good copywriter? What makes a great creative? In Advertising and Marketing, the words and ideas from a creative copywriter can make a brand come to life. They can help a company grow. We’re talking the difference between mega-success and terrible failure.

We all have experience of the best copywriters. Even if we’re not fortunate to be one, we have met one or read about one. Anecdotes abound, and with this short-story competition we want to distil that down into the very essence of greatness.

Such as “Clean, not drunk, saved the day”

Or… “On time, on message, on budget.”

Or… “Eats, writes and leaves”

Or… “He was our second choice. But he did try hard.”

It can be a true story, or a made up one. There are no rules. Only that it should be clever and witty.

perfect creative

The prize
Dinner for you and your partner in a Michelin starred restaurant with one of our top copywriters. It’s worth writing for.

How to enter
Type your entry in the comments box below. We accept up to 5 entries per person.

We’ll be accepting entries until 25th November, so you have plenty of time.