Copywriting Competition: Let’s give London a lift!

Continuing with our ever popular monthly copywriting competition, here is a challenging one for all you talented copywriters!

A slogan for London.

Britain is known for being a land of slogans and over the years many extremely well paid agencies, have come up with several slogans for London, none of them memorable however.

Copywriting Competition

Whether you were born and bred within the sound of Bow Bells, or are one of millions who love and admire the allure of London, everyone has an image or opinion about this world famous capital city.
Steeped in history and age old traditions, London also encompasses such amazing diversities.
From its financial centre, The Square Mile, to super seedy Soho, where anything is available. From its world acclaimed theatre land, The West End, where many a star has been born to its Bohemian street markets such as Portobello Road and Camden.
From Brick Lane, where the finest Indian food is served to the East End where Pie, mash and jellied eels are the order of the day.

Visit London Dungeons to be shocked and horrified at the torture methods applied through the ages and then visit the Tower of London where so many famous figures met their grizzly end.
Let’s not forget the amazing shopping in Oxford Street, Kensington and Knightsbridge, and the wonderful parks such as Regents Park Hyde Park and Saint James, or breathtaking museums and galleries such as V&A, Natural History, Tate and The National Gallery.
One could go on…

Copywriting Competition

However, one thing is for sure, London is truly unique on the worldwide stage.
We are challenging you talented folks to come up with an all encompassing slogan!

Grand prize
The talented winner will get the choice of a leather bound notebook or an engraved Lamy pen.

We’re also running a Copywriter of the Year competition, with cash prizes, and the winner will automatically be entered into it.

Copywriting CompetitionRules of the ‘Let’s give London a lift’ copywriting competition
You can enter as many times as you like – but every entry must be your own work. We will ‘Google test’ entries by running them through the search engine to see if the phrase has been used elsewhere.

Closing date
You have until the closing date 30/07/15 to post your entry.

We will then make a selection of the top three and post them on our social media channels (Twitter, FB and Linkedin). Whichever entry gets the most likes/retweets/comments within a week wins.

How to enter?
It’s easy, just scroll down to the comments box below and type in your entry. Post your personal details as well so we can contact you and link to you at the end if you win. You can also comment on other people’s entries if you like their ideas.

Get your thinking caps on and good luck.