English Copywriters

Copywriter Collective International specialises in providing native English copywriters based around the world. We are proud to have supplied freelance creatives to work with many of the world’s most popular brands and creative agencies. We have provided English copywriters to numerous industries. In addition, we have lent our services to organisations of all sizes. We work with both advertising agencies and directly with client companies. Our portfolio includes award winning American, Australian, Canadian, and British copywriters.

We have a decorated and experienced collection of English copywriters ready for you!


English copywriters

We were founded in Amsterdam in 2002 by an English copywriter who decided to represent other writers. Since then we’ve expanded around the world to offer other nationalities and other disciplines. However, our strength remains English copywriters. Call our office in Amsterdam and we will happily assist.

Whether you need a talented and award-winning creative for an international account, or simple content for a new website or press release, we have the experienced English copywriters who can assist you immediately. Our writers have experience in all the major industries including, healthcare, finance, IT, tourism and many more. Whatever field your company or client is working in, our writers have copywriting experience there.

All of our English copywriters are experienced working internationally and are ready to provide you with copy that can be transcreated easily, without colloquialisms or puns.