The benefits of freelancing with us include: 

No start-up costs
We supply you with business cards and an email address free of charge. You will have your own section on our website.

More work
It doesn’t cost anything to join us and it’s not exclusive – you can still look for your own clients.

International representation 
Why restrict yourself to one country? We can offer you the chance to travel to different countries and work on a wider variety of briefs.

Minimum administration 
Online timesheet system tracks your jobs with The Collective so you don’t forget to invoice hours you’ve worked. It also creates your invoice for us with one click – cutting administration hours enormously.

Prompt payment 
Don’t wait months and months to get paid. Our terms and conditions demand faster payment and we will do the chasing for you.

Earn more 
A third party negotiating fees on your behalf results in better deal for you. While the timesheet system ensures you get paid for every hour you work.

Earn commission 
Never turn down work again. Pass it on to someone else and earn commission.

Contracts and terms and conditions with our customers help to protect your interests.

Our trained agents will help you with every aspect of the financial and administrative aspects of a job. Or if you need help from another professional while on the job, there are other members of Copywriter Collective to help you.

Specialize or diversify 
If you want to specialize in a specific area we can put you forward for jobs in this area. Or if you’re looking for a change, we can help you get work in new areas.

Benefit by association 
You will be promoted as part of the best team of advertising freelancers in the world. We have 20,000 advertising contacts across Europe who are advised whenever a new member joins us.

Join the club
There’s the monthly drinks, Christmas dinner, newsletters, invitations to openings and social events. All these are chances to meet with our freelancers, share stories, make contacts and increase your network.