My Journey to date…

Who doesn’t like working in their pajama’s or comfy sweats? But aside from the obvious ‘freelancer’ perks, I enjoy copywriting because I love the power of words and the emotions behind them.  Nothing beats the feeling I get when I receive a glowing thank-you from a client after I’ve ‘Put It In Writing’ and nailed it for them.

I’ve always loved writing but never thought of it as a career path until after the birth of my daughter. It was then that I realized how much I valued my time, and how I didn’t want to spend time away from my home and baby. When I decided to work from home as a writer, at the back of my mind I had the thought “I can always go and get a ‘real’ job”.  18 years later I know I cannot give up the freedom and joy that comes with being a  copywriter/solopreneur, and to know that no-one but me is responsible for my success.

JourneyThe biggest misconception amongst my family and friends is that I have lots of spare time and availability to have lunch, run errands, help out etc.  In fact, when you are the sole breadwinner and responsible for keeping a roof overhead, there’s not much downtime. But, on the plus side, I can pretty much schedule my time and responsibilities for when it works best for me.  I get a lot of my creative inspiration in the evening, although I’m a morning person too and I’m usually at my computer before 7 a.m. But brain fog is a serious problem for me in  the late afternoon/early evening. That’s when as CEO/COO/CFO of my company ‘Put It In Writing’ I handle the janitorial, banking, and administrative duties of my business.

I’m a wordsmith and definitely not a ‘bean counter’ so billing, banking and quoting projects are my least favorite things to do.  However I remind myself they are a necessary evil, and besides I get to spend most of my time doing what I like to do best when I… ‘Put It In Writing’.