Nadja – German copywriter Munich

copywriter munich
Double spread from a 16 page image brochure for Spin Master. Nadja was
responsible for the concept & copywriting

copywriter munich
Corporate ad targeted at retailers. Nadja not only wrote a large number of image and
brand ads for Spin Master, she worked on the concept too

copywriter munich
Image ad for Sapient Nitro targeted at students of the Communication Academy.
Copy by Nadja.

Company booklet for the feno employees. As the lead copywriter, Nadja developed
the corporate language, working on other pieces for print and digital.

copywriter munich
Nadja worked on over 20 brochures for Fresenius Medical Care developing concepts
and acting as CD and copywriter on pieces like this Patient brochure.

Nadja does a lot of transcreation in the medical sector, such as this campaign for

Nadja developed the campaign idea and wrote several ads and posters to help
recruit personnel.

The concept & copy for this brochure for the introduction of the A8 model all came
from Nadja’s pen.