Put your words in Donald’s mouth

Copywriting competition is now closed and shortlist will be announced shortly.

This month we decided to go with something none of us seem to be able to escape from, the race to elect the Presidential nominees.

And who better to feature than one of its most colourful (Orange) characters, Donald Trump.

Above is a photograph and we would like you to come up with either a caption for the picture or a comment in a thought bubble coming from the man himself. Now you can put your words in Donald’s mouth.

Type your entries in the comments box below

We are sure this will bring out either the political passion, style critique or satirical genius in you all.

The Grand Prize

The winner will receive this beautiful Leather, A4 writing case/conference folder.

Put your words in Donald's mouth

Put your words in Donald’s mouth and let’s make copywriting great again!!!

We run this competition to give copywriters an outlet for their competitive side. It’s one of the ways we give back to the copywriting community.

Closing date for entries is Friday 25th March, then a shortlist of the 5 top entries will be posted to allow everyone the opportunity to vote for the overall winner.

Looking forward to some shocking, thought provoking and comical entries!