Slogan for a (potentially-)Independent Great Britain

Competition is now closed and shortlist will be posted today on FB

We’re continuing with a topical theme for this month’s competition. The British EU-exit referendum. Or Brexit for short.

The current polls show it being a very close race, but we want to be prepared just in case they decide to leave. So can you come up with a slogan for an independent Great Britain should they decide to leave the EU?

Slogan forIt can be a slogan that’s positive or negative, but we’re looking for something witty. Feel free to enter a supporting image.

Britain debates while Europe waits
It’s hard to know what to think and even harder to predict the result. There are so many statistical revelations reported on a daily basis.

Prominent figures changing sides. Small and large businesses stating their views. Head of the Bank of England wading in, along with many heads of state worldwide. All streamed with daily televised debates.

While low voter registration, until close to the deadline, caused the whole system to crash and resulted in an unprecedented 24 hour extension to that deadline.

The Grand Prize

The winner will receive this beautiful Compact External Battery Power Bank Portable Charger.

Slogan for

Win independence with this portable power bank


We run this competition to give copywriters an outlet for their competitive side. It’s one of the ways we give back to the copywriting community.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 22th June, the day before the referendum.
We will post the top five entries within 48 hours, once the result has been announced.